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Monday, October 30, 2006

The Bye... Great Timing

As much as I hate to say it, I don't want to see the Eagles play this week.
It has gotten to the point of almost unwatchable. Throwing on first and second down, and then running in an obvious passing down on 3rd and 5+.

It is ridiculous.

But, more than that, this team is in what many would call the definition of a tailspin.
We can't seem to do anything right out on the field.

The defense is struggling.

We are finding ways to lose.

Case and point...

Three weeks ago against New Orleans, this team was 4-1, and looked like one of the favorites coming out of the NFC. We come out flat and dig a 17 point hole. Somehow, we rally and take the lead, only to have New Orleans tie it up. Then with some 8 minutes remaining, the Saints get the ball, and are able to milk the clock for the REST OF THE GAME. That is just inexcusable for a defense to be out there for 8+ minutes in crunch time and not get a stop.

Two Weeks ago against Tampa, this team doesn't show up for the first almost three quarters, and falls behind 20-7. Of course we come back to take the lead, but...
There is a STUPID penalty commited by Jerome McDougle, who set up Tampa in "field goal range". 62 yards later, the Eagles are 4-3...

Things couldn't get worse, or could they?

They certainly did.

Last week, we redifined flat. This team had 19 freaking yards in the first quarter, and didn't have a first down until nearly 9 minutes into the second quarter. David Akers was the only bright spot yesterday, as Donovan McNabb and the defense struggled mightly in a 13-6 loss...
Could things get worse?

I sure hope not.

Andy Reid, Jim Johnson, Jim Harbaugh, and Marty Morningwheg have some soul searching to do this week...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sean Considine and Michael Lewis to Split Time at Safety

Hello Eagles fans, I come to you today with some great news on the Eagles defensive front. Sean Considine will be splitting time with Michael Lewis on Sunday in Tampa Bay.

This news couldn't have come at a better time for Eagles fans.

On the "heels" of a loss against the New Orleans Saints (literally the heels of Michael Lewis) the Eagles, and especially defensive coordinator Jim Johnson are looking for answers. The answer to their questions reguarding the secondary may have come in the form of two word: Sean Considine. Considine is a second year man out of Iowa that the Eagles picked up on draft day two years ago. Along with being a superb special teams player, Considine has been getting to see time at a nickel back. Last season, before his hip injury in Kansas City, Considine was filling the very same role.

This time around, though, things may be different.

Michael Lewis has looked nothing short of pitiful these last few weeks, costing a loss and nearly causing another...

If Considine can get into the game and show Johnson what he wants (speed, quickness, and the ability to cover), then Considine should see more time every week as the season progresses. Considine has the ability to be the starting safety, IMO, and now, he has been presented with this golden opportunity:

Outpreform Michael Lewis.

What does this mean for the future Eagles' teams?

A lot, indeed. If Considine can preform at a high level now, the front office may not resign Michael Lewis next season and let him walk into free agency. Considine would assume the starting role. Also, if neither preform well, the Eagles may look to the draft next season to help solve the problem of getting someone to play beside all-time great Brian Dawkins.

Good luck, Sean!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Looking Forward: Tampa Bay

The Philadelphia Eagles suffered a defeat at the hands of the New Orleans Saints last week by a score of 27-24in front of a packed house at the New Orleans Superdome. Poor defensive play along with poor officiating and Michale Lewis' inability to cover a moving object supplanted the Eagles' fate, a BIG FAT L.
This week, the Philadelphia Eagles are looking to rebound against the horrendous Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who picked thier first victory of the young season last week at the hands of the Cincinnati Bengals, 14-13. Neil Rackers missed a game-winning 62 yard kick towards the end of the game for Cincinnati.
Philadelphia (4-2) and Tmapa Bay (1-4) are set to square off for a 1:00 ET kickoff at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay. This game should be a dominating performance for Philadelphia's defensive coordinator, Jim Johnson, who makes a living out of harassing young, inexperienced quarterbacks like the Buccaneers' Bruce Gradkowski. Johnson's corps of experienced defenders, like Jeremiah Totter, Darren Hoard, Brian Dawkins, Sheldon Brown, Lito Sheppard, and darwin Walkers hould wreak havoc on a young and inexperienced offensive line and quarterback. If Johnson's defensive scheme succeeds, it should be a long day for the Bucs, as turnovers, sacks, and mistakes should pile up...
On the other side of the ball, the Philadelphia Eagles' offense should have a great day. MVP Canidate Donovan McNabb is on pase to have the best season of a quarterback in NFL history, and Brian Westbrook, the ultimate weapon, leads the league in touchdowns. An aging Derrick Brooks and Ronde Barber, along with the young Simeon Rice make up a weak Tampa Bay defense. With McNabb's big play capabilities, along with the explosiveness of LS Sjith, Donte' Stallworth (who hopefully will return from inury this week), Brian Westbrook, Reggie Brown, a defense out to prove itself, and a mammoth offensive line, The Eagles could tounce Tampa Bay.

Rodman's Pick:

Philadelphia Eagles 34
Tampa Bay 6

A Big Hello!

Hi everyone from and the rest of the world! This is famous, or not quite so, Rodman91 from's Eagles forum, and I really like to talk about the Eagles, so on this blog I will be posting long essays about the team I love, the Philadelphia Eagles.